The Vital Role of Steam Cleaning in Australian Healthcare Facilities Post-COVID: Introducing Vaportech

June 12, 2024 | by Fabrizio Pesavento

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After Australia recovered from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, one of the key lessons we’ve learned is just how crucial proper sanitization and disinfection are in healthcare settings. From hospitals and clinics to aged care homes and medical offices, maintaining immaculately hygienic environments is absolutely critical to protecting vulnerable patients and staff. Traditional cleaning methods alone are no longer enough – we need professional-grade solutions designed specifically for the rigorous demands of healthcare facilities.


That’s where steam cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment like Vaportech’s sanitising vapour systems comes in. This commercial vapour steam cleaner represents the cutting edge of steam cleaning, harnessing the natural power of superheated vapour to eliminate pathogens and contaminants with unparalleled effectiveness. In the wake of COVID-19’s devastating impacts, facilities across Australia are increasingly turning to Vaportech to create truly hygienic spaces that inspire confidence in staff, patients and visitors alike.

The Dangers of Insufficient Cleaning in Healthcare

Even before the coronavirus upended our world, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) were a major hazard causing thousands of deaths and billions in costs each year. A high likelihood of pathogens and other harmful microbes persisting in healthcare facilities remains even after standard cleaning routines. These can very easily spread infections that are especially dangerous to immunocompromised and elderly patients.

COVID-19 has cast this pre-existing problem into stark relief. With a highly contagious virus wreaking havoc across the globe, even the slightest lapses in cleaning became disastrous within care facilities. In retrospect, the pandemic laid bare an array of shortcomings when it came to infection control procedures within Australian healthcare.

Problems included ineffective cleaning products, improper techniques, lack of training and compliance issues. The old approaches weren’t enough to handle a crisis of COVID’s magnitude – a systemic overhaul was required.

The Vaportech Advantage

In our quest to fortify healthcare facilities against future pandemics, Vaportech’s professional sanitising commercial steam cleaners have emerged as a game changer in Australia’s fight against healthcare-associated infections or HAIs and pathogenic threats. Their innovative commercial vapour steam cleaner systems are purpose-built to deliver a deeper, more effective clean than conventional methods, and at the same time, completely eliminating toxic chemicals.

  1. At the core of Vaportech’s technology is the power of dry vapour heat. By superheating ordinary tap water, their commercial steam cleaners create an ultra-low moisture vapour that exists in a transitional state between liquid and gas. In this unique phase, the vapour carries an incredible amount of thermal energy – far more than steam alone. When this high-temperature vapour comes into contact with surfaces, that thermal power is transferred with surgical precision. Pathogens are rapidly killed through vaporisation and oxidisation while mould, grease and dirt are blasted away. Vaportech commercial vapour steam cleaners deliver a certified hygienic-level disinfection that removes all microorganisms within seconds.
  2. Crucially, what sets Vaportech apart from conventional steam cleaning machines is their dry vapour’s low moisture content. This allows their systems to sanitise even sensitive electronics, machinery and other areas that would be damaged by excessive wetness.
  3. Their vapour steam cleaners also enable treated surfaces to dry rapidly in minutes rather than hours. This fast drying time minimises chances of recontamination and allows facilities to be reoccupied quickly while preventing moisture-related issues like mould and degradation.
  4. Vaportech’s steam machines require only ordinary tap water – no harsh chemical disinfectants are needed whatsoever. This eliminates exposure risks to patients and staff while removing environmental contamination concerns. Their commercial steam cleaners generate zero toxic emissions or discharge and even use less water and electricity compared to traditional cleaners.

Cleaning Thoroughly While Protecting the Environment

While Vaportech’s mission is to instil the highest levels of disinfection and decontamination in sensitive healthcare settings, it’s also vitally important that their steam cleaning machines remain environmentally sustainable and worker-friendly.

  • The lack of toxic chemicals and ultra-low water usage helps minimise ecological impacts.
  • Their steam machines  are engineered to be exceptionally durable and repairable, extending operational lifetimes and reducing waste.
  • Components are designed for easy replacement, reuse and recycling.
  • Energy-saving modes reduce electricity consumption while zero emissions prevent indoor and outdoor pollution.
  • Even Vaportech’s manufacturing and shipping processes are streamlined to minimise their carbon footprint.

Altogether, Vaportech’s focus on ecology and safety allow healthcare providers to make the most of their advanced, non-toxic sanitisation technology with full peace of mind. Facilities can achieve unrivalled levels of clinical disinfection without compromising sustainability commitments or endangering personnel.

An Effective Solution To Fighting COVID and Fostering Resilience In Healthcare Clinics

As COVID-19 demonstrated, even the smallest of lapses in cleaning and contamination control within healthcare facilities can quickly result in an outbreak amongst the vulnerable. Aged care homes and hospitals became hotspots, with a huge number of Australian COVID deaths linked to these amplifying environments.

By upgrading to the clinical-grade sanitisation power of Vaportech’s commercial steam cleaners across Australia’s healthcare infrastructure, we can finally implement comprehensive protection against harmful pathogens that has been lacking. Their state-of-the-art vapour steam cleaner technologies represent a proven, eco-friendly solution for delivering the hygienic conditions demanded by a post-COVID world.

The advantages go far beyond acute infection control – Vaportech steam machines  maintain environmental hygiene to reduce all healthcare-associated out breaks/ infections. Their innovative vapour penetrates and sanitises like no conventional method, accessing difficult areas to eradicate pathogens, grime, mould and contaminants that cause hospital-acquired illnesses.

Consistent use effectively helps healthcare facilities become resilient, hygienic spaces that minimise disease transmission and contain any future outbreaks before they spread.

Here are some common FAQs about steam cleaning, the concept utilised by Vaportech:

1. Is steam cleaning really effective at killing germs and bacteria?

Yes, steam cleaning is incredibly effective at killing a wide range of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew spores. The high heat from the steam machines  is able to rapidly kill pathogens on contact by causing their cell structures to rupture. Commercial vapour steam cleaners like those from Vaportech can achieve a certified disinfection level that eliminates harmful germs and bugs.

2. Is steam cleaning safe to use around kids and pets?

Absolutely, steam cleaning is one of the safest and most natural ways to disinfect. Unlike chemical cleaners, steam uses just ordinary tap water heated into a vapour state. This means no toxic fumes, residues or harsh ingredients that could be dangerous if inhaled or touched by children or pets. Steam cleaners are an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solution perfect for homes and facilities with vulnerable occupants.

3. Can steam cleaning really get surfaces cleaner than mopping or wiping?

Yes, steam cleaning provides a much deeper, more thorough clean than conventional methods. The heat and vapour pressure is able to dislodge grime, grease, stains and contaminants that just get pushed around with mops and cloths. The vapour also has the ability to seep into crevices, fabrics, grout lines and porous surfaces that regular cleaning can’t properly reach. Surfaces are left hygienically sanitised and free of dirt, allergens, odours and other pollutants.

4. Isn’t steam cleaning just like using a regular home steamer?

No, not at all. Professional steam cleaning equipment like from Vaportech uses superheated “dry vapour” that is much hotter and lower in moisture content than a standard home steamer. This dry vapour has an ultra-low moisture level, which allows it to disinfect and clean without leaving surfaces soaked. It also prevents issues caused by wetness like warping, mould growth, or damage to electronics/machinery. High-end models utilise advanced technology to optimise the vapour for superior results.

Closing thoughts

The lessons from our nation’s painful COVID-19 experience must be a catalyst for lasting change. By embracing Vaportech’s advanced vapour disinfecting solutions nationwide, the Australian healthcare industry can raise the bar for environmental sanitisation. With Vaportech’s commercial steam cleaners, we can sanitise healthcare facilities to world-class standards demanded by our modern age. It’s the crucial first step toward fortifying our resilience against the next outbreak while delivering unparalleled clinical disinfection here and now.

If you run, or are associated in any capacity with an aged care home, day care for children, or a healthcare clinic in Australia and you want your facilities squeaky clean and free from pathogens of any kind, Vaportech’s steam cleaner machines are meant just for you.


If the prospect of a properly sanitised and clean facilities piques your interest then visit and get yourself your very own commercial vapour steam cleaner equipment. You can also opt for a free demonstration by clicking here and Vaportech would show up and show you everything you need to know and clear up any doubts you may have. Alternatively, you can give them a call at (02) 6963 6379 or write to them at 680 Kidman Way,

Griffith, NSW, 2680.

Getting a cleaner, safer environment has never been so easily accessible before. Make the most out of Vaportech’s revolutionary technology and welcome a healthier tomorrow. Choose Vaportech, choose cleanliness and good health!