Deep Clean Wine Barrels With Dry Steam

Steam is a chemical-free, cost-effective way of cleaning wine barrels, and it’s 100% natural.

There are no additives, and high pressure dry steam eliminates brettanomyces quickly and effectively. It also removes tartrates and tannins.

The amazingly compact, high performance Supervap is the most popular industrial steam cleaner used in wineries around the world today. It handles barrels, bottling lines and winery exterior surfaces with ease. It’s portable and easy to use.
Our machines are powered by steam- effectively reducing your water usage by 95%

Using steam to clean wine barrels’ results in the release of scaling from barrel walls. It also sanitises, detartrates and hydrates the barrel- all at the same time.

The vapor property of dry steam allows for the pores of the wood to be opened, releasing not only tartrates but also eradicates old wine and bitter tannins that have been absorbed inside the wood. The whole process revitalizes the wood barrels while being safe on the char of the oak.

The added benefits beyond cleaning is the powerful ability to quickly rehydrate the oak barrels after storage. Plus, the cleaning /hydrating process allows for an instant view of any leaks in the barrels.

The Vaportech range of industrial steam cleaners (Supervap / Supernova) are especially ideal for use in wine production areas. Producing superheated 94% dry steam at up to 175°C and between 6-9 Bar pressure. Vaportech steamers can hygienically clean a large variety of equipment in a short period of time. Using little water and no chemicals.

Reasons on using dry steam in cleaning wine barrels:

  • Add longevity to your oak barrels
  • Saves time and water usage
  • Rehydrate and revitalize the Oak
  • Eliminates left over bitter tannins and melted tartrates, which prevents wine spoilers such as bacteria and microbes from forming

Sanitising & Hydrating Wine Barrels using Dry Steam

Our Industrial steam machines apply high pressure which converts water into super-heated dry steam inside the barrel. Our popular Supervap is ideal for all winery cleaning applications.

Vaportech Wine Barrel Cleaning Diagram

Within minutes, a minimum temperature of over 100ºC is reached and the entire process is complete. The use of only water and dry steam being used and no chemicals, means there’s no waste water to treat.

These Vaportech’s steam cleaning machines are suitable for wine barrels, bottling line and general cleaning purposes

All Vaportech machines are made and assembled in Italy and comply with the Australian Safety Standards.