The Top 3 Domestic Steam Cleaners in the Australian Market

January 11, 2023 | by Fabrizio Pesavento

domestic steam cleaner in Australia

In recent times it is seen that domestic steam cleaners in Australia have gained a lot of popularity. This is because of its versatile nature. It does not use any harmful chemicals which pollute the environment. It uses steam. Because of the high temperature it uses, it is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

There are numerous steam cleaners which flood the Australian market. It becomes a difficult task for consumers to select the best one.

Here are the top 3 domestic steam cleaners in Australia:


Athena 8 Plus compact steam and vacuum machine have a steam jet capable of reaching pressures up to 8 bar. Additionally this machine is powerful and eco-friendly. It can take in liquids and solids. It does not require regular filter or bag replacements, as it uses natural properties and water and steam to provide maximum hygiene and cleanliness while also respecting the environment.

Athena 8 Plus uses high-temperature steam to penetrate below the surface, effectively lifting dirt and grime that is not possible with other cleaners. The Athena is capable of deep cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including floors, windows, doors, curtains, upholstery furniture and mattresses. It can also clean kitchens and bathrooms.


The MC Vapor 8, a vocal display that allows you to talk through the setup process, is the first 8-bar steam machine in Australia with hot water injection. It will tell you when the machine is heating up and when it is ready. If you use hot or dry steam, it will also indicate when it has run out of water. There are four languages available: English, German, Italian, Dutch, and Dutch.

The MC Vapor 8 Vocal display uses high-temperature steam to clean deep beneath the surface. This removes dirt and grime which is not possible with other cleaners. It can clean many surfaces, including floors, windows, curtains and mattresses, as well as kitchen and bathroom walls.

POLTI Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0

Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 steam cleaner is a classic design with reliable performance. Vaporetto EcoPro 3.0 steam cleaner produces 110g per minute. This steam cleaner is ideal for special tasks such as deep cleaning, or cleaning barbecues and tyre rims. The large boiler of 2 litres allows you to clean for extended periods without stopping. You can clean many surfaces with the accessories included, including floors, bathroom fixtures, carpets, windows, hobs, tile grouting and even sofas and mattresses.


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